Friday, July 15, 2016

Mortgage Lifter tomato and basil

My first Mortgage Lifter of the year was so big and pretty I had to display it in the windowsill before eating it. Here it is posing with some vases of basil. I remembered doing this last year, too, and checked my blog (which now serves as a journal for me) to see what date that was. It was July 27, so this year I'm getting them earlier. Mortgage Lifter, BTW, was named by the guy who bred this  gigantic tomato and sold the plants he grew to pay off his mortgage. Supposedly, he raised $6,000 selling the plants for $1 each.

hydrangea snippet

Just a tiny snippet of oak-leaved hydrangea flowers in a small bottle. This is something I pruned off the lower part of a stem holding larger flowers.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

coneflowers, purple basil, scented geranium

It's been rainy, but what a great day for gardening and flower arranging! Got to do both of these, my two favorite things, almost all day. Did some big arrangements for Fourth of July gathering tomorrow, but these two small ones got created from leftovers. Forgive the dirty windowsills; this looks like a "normal" windowsill, but it's really in the shed. The materials: coneflowers, purple basil, scented geranium foliage.

yellow wildflower

Love this beautiful little wildflower, which is blooming in CT, even in mowed areas, where it seems to pop back up after mowing. Flowers are pea-like and a really saturated, velvety yellow. With them in this plastic cupis some spearmint. I have, somewhere in the stuff I've been packing up from my mother-in-law's apartment, the perfect vase for them, but, at this point, I have no idea which box it is in!

linden in hard cider bottle

Beautiful linden trees blooming all over CT. Fragrance like honey. (Thought this had uploaded while in Connecticut, but evidently it hadn't. )

Monday, June 20, 2016

dahlias, hydrangea, salvia, comfrey

Don't know which I'm enjoying more--the air coming in the window or the flowers blooming in the garden right now. This jar of dahlias, oak-leaved hydrangea flowers, blue salvia, and comfrey is headed to a friend later today, but, for now, I'm enjoying it myself.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


This is one of those cases in which the leftovers were better than the original meal.  I picked some dahlias to give away in a little jelly jar (second photo), but I had one leftover stem that remained in a green vase on the windowsill, where, as luck would have it, there was also a curved garlic stem waiting to be used somehow. They wound up in proximity to each other, and I liked their collision of forms better than the "real" arrangement.