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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter leftovers

My friend Linda was too sick to come to our Easter gathering today, but she managed to send a salad AND this wonderful little bird to hold her salad dressing. Her daughter, Erin (my goddaughter) forgot to take the little bird back to Linda, so I had a chance to play with it. Leftover from the celery I used in turkey dressing were some stalks I put out for people to drop into Bloody Marys if they wanted to. Several were leftover from that, too, so I "cropped" them and dropped them into this beautiful little green bird.  

Saturday, April 19, 2014

"spring green" greater celandine, etc.

Thank you, Libbey Oliver, for identifying my weed--greater celandine. It's now on the kitchen windowsill (far left) sharing space with lots of other things that have gravitated there. Far right is a mug now full of stinking hellebore and sacred lily foliage. Both landed there because they were discards from other arrangements.For the record, I've been assembling colorful arrangements all over the house for Easter, but none is as satisfying as this all green assemblage. Libbey provided words for what I love about all this (including one of my worst weeds, greater celandine): "It's spring green." Amen.

Friday, April 18, 2014

the wages of sin

About 30 years ago I dug a plant like this up (or collected its seed, I can't remember which) outside a Connecticut restaurant. It was growing in a neglected area, and I didn't think I was stealing, but I must have been, because I've been punished by this plant ever since! It's one of my worst weeds. Can't remember its name (something that begins with a C?), but if you see it, do NOT move it into your garden. Pretty is as pretty does, and this pretty-looking  plant spreads like wildfire. The round thing in the photo is a spool of wooden "ribbon"some arrangers unfurl to embellish arrangements. I left it coiled and added it to the windowsill just because it was handy and I thought it added interest.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter colors in small flowers

I love these colors anyway, but they seem particularly appropriate now, around Easter. The lavender flowers are Chinese temple bells (Moricandia avensis), the yellow flowers are 'Hawera' daffodils, and the spring green flowers are hellebore florets harvested from larger trusses of Helleborus foetidus.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

white comfrey on shed windowsill

We won't say who this shed windowsill belongs to. Probably someone who gardens when she should be painting the shed. It was almost pretty in its shabbiness today, though, and it seemed to be the only place I wanted to photograph these little white comfrey flowers.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

recycled hellebore flower and arum leaf

It's not like I wasn't outside today. I actually gardened, went to a nursery, and moved flats of seedlings under cover today--between downpours. But my plan to create an entirely new windowsill arrangement using newly-bloomed flowers from the garden had fizzled by 6 pm when it was raining again and I was tired. So I "harvested" a leaf and a flower from a previous arrangement to create this. So simple but satisfying.

Monday, April 14, 2014

willd tulips

I love these little species (wild) tulips. And I used to know their names. And, even now, I could look their names up if getting supper on the table didn't seem more important! In a rush, pictured here are two species tulips combined with a frond of variegated Japanese false Solomon's seal.