Monday, September 26, 2016

eggplant with hardy begonia

This sounds like a menu item not an arrangement! I picked the tiny eggplant from Jerry Shalf's garden, stuck a skewer into it, and added it to a vase with a curled up hardy begonia leaf that was already sitting on the windowsill.

Three climbing milkweed pods

I actually picked these pods on Sept. 12, when I was visiting Bill Horner at the Hermitage. They are climbing milkweed pods, but these particular ones should be called traveling milkweed pods, because I took them all over the state with me when I was giving windowsill arranging talks this month. I've been astonished at how long they've held up, and they're showing no signs of flagging even now.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

leftover celosia stem with okra

Still playing with celosia stems. This red one was leftover, so it landed with some okra pods.

leaning left

Playing with reddish celosia stems yesterday, this was the result. All seemed to be leaning left, so I exaggerated the lean with some Job's Tears stems. This is a little like my politics!

color splash

This is crazy colorful--coleus leaves (from plants rooted from cuttings a friend gave me yesterday--at  least it seems like yesterday) and plumed celosia flowers. I do believe this would glow in the dark!

Monday, September 5, 2016

wacky coxcomb shapes

Couldn't resist dropping some wacky coxcomb combs into modern metallic vases. They seemed to call for each other!