Saturday, April 27, 2013

April 27, 2013 -- forgotten daffodils

This is what happens when you have a case of the "too much to dos" (or maybe just a bad memory). I picked these daffodils two weeks ago and put them in the refrigerator in the shed to save them for Garden Week arrangements (last weekend). Yesterday, as I was putting tulips in the shed refrigerator to save them for a wedding two weeks from today, I discovered the daffodils! They still look great, but I wish I'd remembered I had them last weekend. I guess I'll just have to enjoy them myself!

This is a late blooming, butterfly (split coronna) daffodil that I love. Can't remember its name, and now I can't find it in the Brent and Becky's Daffodils catalog, but I'm sure I bought it from them. Every year I think it's gotten worn out and won't bloom again, but it's been blooming in the same spot for at least 10 years. .

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