Saturday, March 14, 2015

three crocuses and a hellebore leaf

I'm sure this was inspired by some dramatic, gigantic, contemporary arrangement I saw at the Philadelphia Flower Show, and I love it that this is tiny and includes only three crocus blossoms and three pieces of a winter-weary hellebore leaf. All my spent hellebore leaves need to be cut off, I'm sure, but I enjoyed using three parts of this one in an arrangement. The leaflet (actually one section of a single palmate leaf) at the bottom of the arrangement is rolled over onto itself the way asphidistra leaves are sometimes rolled and looped like ribbon in larger arrangements. Old hellebore leaves may look awful in the garden right now, but they actually have deep, rich, "weathered" color that looks beautiful in a situation like this. And, I love this small, sort of metallic container from The Arranger's Market. It has one hole in its side (near the top) that grabs flower stems in an interesting way.

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