Friday, April 10, 2015


Oh, my, what a terrible photo of a beautiful thing! Spent a couple of days in a cabin along the Bullpasture River in Highland County, Virginia, where all the early spring wildflowers were gorgeous. Trillium, bloodroot, spring beauty, hepatica, coltsfoot, Dutchman's breeches, etc. in bloom, as well as snakeroot, moose maple, etc. "coming on in promise."  The cabin was wonderfully spartan, the weather perfect, but I was sort of stymied for a moment when the little bottle I might have used to hold the bloodroot flower I had picked (with permission)  had a tiny stopper in it! I propped this bloodroot flower up beside it just long enough to photograph it.  Dye from the bloodroot stems is still staining my fingers. Wishing  I had 1) taken the time to take a better photo and 2) still had the sound of the Bullpasture singing in my ears.

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