Tuesday, March 8, 2016

camellias, etc.!

I could write forever about this arrangement, because it seems like my entire life is wrapped up in it. The camellias came from a shrub, now about 7 feet tall, that I propagated (by air layering) from a camellia in Rosalie Nachmann's Richmond garden. And Rosalie died this year, so the flowers seem like a tribute to her. And also in this arrangement are little snippets of green stinking hellebore flowers that have been sitting patiently on the windowsill in other containers for weeks. Plus, there's a nandina twig in the middle that I picked in DECEMBER, and showed at a talk in January, because it was miraculously putting out tiny, new green leaves. Now (almost three months later) those fresh green leaves are real, almost normal-sized leaves. And then there's the vase Lisa Mahlandt gave me last summer and the dried alder twig peeking in from the left.....

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