Monday, February 5, 2018

long-lasting Berzilia

This (with the exception of the pear) is what's been sitting on my windowsill since January 6. The plant material in the terracotta vases is Berzilia, something leftover from an event that required florist flowers. I ordered one bunch of Berzilia just because I wanted to see what it looked like. This isn't the gray-flowering variety that's all over Pinterest and every bride in North America now seems to want. Its flowers (which look more berry-like than they do flower-like) are reddish to maroonish and its foliage (which resembles princess pine) is a great olive green. I'm crazy about it and would order it again in a heartbeat, but I may not need to; it seems to last forever!
P.S. The jar of pickled peppadews were a Christmas gift from Rosanne and Jerry Shalf--a blast of red that has also been an unflagging spirit-lifter this winter. I wouldn't dare eat them I'm enjoying looking at them so much!

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