Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 14, 2012 -- gourd in festive attire

This was just flat out fun, mostly because of the way it evolved. I cut the top off an ornamental gourd and hollowed it out thinking I'd use it as a vase for yesterday's violas. But the flowers were too small and fussy for the "vase." So I started looking around for something else and spotted the carnations that have been sitting around the kitchen this week ( having bought them for an experiment described in earlier blogpost). So: I put the carnations in the gourd "vase," then topped them with the gourd "hat."  I hadn't discarded the "hat" because its viney topknot was just so cute!

P.S. There's a little stick jammed up into the bottom of the "hat," and it reaches to the bottom of the gourd "vase," holding it in place.

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