Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 29, 2012 -- dandelions

Dandelions were blooming along the roadsaide today, so I picked some and dropped them into this little green vase.

 I know it's not unusual for dandelions to be blooming in December, because I posted a photo of both dadelion and buttercup flowers on Dec. 23 of last year! It's so satisfying to be able to use this blog like a nature journal to confirm such things. I should also probably post the dandelion arrangement below, which I created on Dec. 27 but didn't post because it seemed so lackluster. I keep forgetting that the record of what blooms when may be the most useful part of this blog (and now I sort of like this little vanilla jar stuffed with dandelions and honeysuckle foliage anyway!).


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