Tuesday, September 16, 2014

goldenrod and pink asters

This little concoction is dedicated to Brenda Gilman and her daughter, Buffy, who, when she was married, had pink and yellow flowers in her bridesmaids'  bouquets. At the time, I thought (because I was helping with the bouquets),"Really? Pink and yellow?" But Brenda was so far ahead of me in terms of understanding color it wasn't funny,and the bouquets were gorgeous. Many, many years later, here I am again playing with yellow and pink. These asters are pinker than they look in this photo, and their centers are bright yellow/orange, and they look GREAT with goldenrod (which happened to be growing right next to them in the garden). There's also one little stem of an annual bee balm in this, and it's sort of lavender-blue.

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  1. I just got back from upstate NY on the western border and had never seen so much goldenrod and purple asters in almost every field and ditch~just gorgeous. I really am a country girl at heart.