Tuesday, December 9, 2014

ancient Swiss chard

Gosh, I wish my record-keeping were better. If I took the time, I could probably figure out from my blog how old this chunk of  Swiss chard is. Instead I'll make a guess, which I'm sure is an underestimate: three weeks old since I picked it.  I harvested this thick, almost woody stem of Swiss chard from the vegetable garden because its leaves and stems were so gorgeous. And it has continued to flourish in water -- sort of like a carrot top. Today, two of its leaves were looking ragged, though, so I just tucked them into the coffee mug. The beautiful thing about this is that I could now harvest the healthy leaves to eat if I wanted to.


  1. Our chard has risen from the dead (frost) as well. Today in the kitchen window I have some Scotch Broom, juniper, a piece of acuba, and 2 little yellow pansies, in a test-tube holder.

    1. Your windowsill sounds great. All the Swiss chard in my garden is kaput, but this hunk inside still looks fabulous.