Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 19, 2013 -- tall snapdragon

Everything in my garden is unusually tall (including the weeds), because we have had so very, very much rain. The ground is so wet, I shouldn't have set foot in my Buckingham County garden, because its red clay soil compacts so badly. Still, I had to get after those weeds, and while weeding, I broke off this snapdragon stem. Had to display it in a way that shows how tall it is, because my snapdragons have never before been this tall.

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  1. Nancy - Can you remember such a wet spring. Northwest Georgia is getting the same rain. In Rome, GA, the city build on the rivers - we are watching the water rise today. We should be fine for the most part though. My snapdragons too have been taller than ever. At least 18" for most but they have been so pretty. I am missing Flower Camp. Sure you don't want to pull together a Nature Journaling workshop next year???