Monday, September 23, 2013

kale is the new tea rose

At an arranging workshop this past weekend, kale was the star. Debbe Peck brought this particular variety (blue green and curly) to the workshop and both she and Ellen Hardy used in arrangements that took your breath away. At the end of the workshop, some of the same kale was about to be discarded, but I grabbed it and brought it back to Ashland, where it is now displayed in my windowsill. What a fabulous plant! People at our workshop wanted to know the name of this particular kale the same way people must have wanted to know the name of the 'Peace' rose in the 1940s. And my husband tells me he heard (on NPR) that kale is now so popular among veggie gardeners that it's hard to find seeds. This is surely a good thing, because you can't eat a 'Peace' rose, but you can (and I will) eat kale after displaying it on the windowsill.

The "vases" are plastic cups I bought at Food Lion years ago. 

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