Tuesday, September 3, 2013

knotweed order from knotweed chaos

First, here is the mess I was dealing with today: I pulled six wheelbarrow-loads of knotweed out of a border around the shed. I do this every year--sometimes twice. This year, please, please, I'll be sure to Roundup the knotweed before it gets big again.

Unfortunately, I love using knotweed in arrangements--its bamboo-like stems and, at this time of year, its dainty white flowers. So I'll miss it if I ever do really get rid of it. Today, though, I just grabbed a few stems, pulled the leaves off of them, and dropped them into a vase. (The vase I wanted to use was out of reach and I was too lazy to go get the stool, so I grabbed this vase just to keep the stems in water temporarily. Turned out, this was the better vase for them.) Also in the vase are a few stems of kerria (stems with green leaves and one tiny orange flower), which was growing near the knotweed. 

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