Tuesday, October 8, 2013

pink, lavender, orange

Except for the lavender asters, which I harvested from a larger arrangement, all the materials in this little inkwell came from other windowsill arrangements. I've just recombined them. Included are orange/yellow lantana, pink hardy begonia flowers (and their deeper pink seed pods), cyclamen flowers (which you can barely see in the photo but which are my favorite ingredient in real life), and pink fall-blooming anemones. The green globular things are anemone flowers that have lost their petals. I think I'll play with this color combination again tomorrow, because I like it. Reminds me of some of the pink, lavender, orange sunsets I've seen recently.

P.S. In the photo I can see that one of the naked anemone flowers is cattywompus (leaning way right, toward 4:00). Lift it in your imaginiation, because I'll go do that downstairs!

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