Sunday, December 22, 2013

fresh, dried, artificial materials

This photograph looks like it's cockeyed, but it's not. I set this little bouquet down on a windowsill outside SkateNation before going in to watch the performer it was intended for--my granddaughter! Took the photo with my phone, because I realized there would be no other opportunity do a windowsill arrangement that day. The concoction is actually sort of interesting because it's a combination of dried material (some pussy willow wands), artificial material (the red ranunculus flower), and a stem of fresh, green hellebore flowers. Long story re why I had an artificial ranunculus in my possession. The short of it is that, while in WalMart earlier this week, I encountered a guy trying to create a funeral arrangement from artificial flowers and he asked for my help. We ended up creating a really pretty arrangement together, all from artificial flowers. He was so into it that when I told him he could turn one bunch of fake hydrangeas into three by dividing the main stem into three with wire cutters, he went and bought wire cutters so we could do it right there in the store. Much fun, actually. Anyway, the ranunculus we used in his arrangement were so pretty, I bought three for myself. So cheery. As my husband said, fresh ranunculus look fake anyway, so why not use artificial ones!

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