Tuesday, December 17, 2013

three frying pans, twelve red balls, and some rose hips

When my husband walked in the door Sunday night, he was bearing all the things I'd asked him to bring home from the country: three frying pans (left at Flower Camp by friends who stayed there over the Thanksgiving holiday), twelve red balls (which he used to use in team-building initiatives but I wanted to recycle as bases for moss balls), and a handful of rose hips (which Robert Llewellen wanted to photograph for a book he's doing). It was a weird haul, but John looked pleased with himself, having retrieved everything I'd asked him for, and I couldn't have been more pleased if he'd been Grizzly Adams standing at the door with fresh kill for dinner on his shoulders! Ah, the things we do for love! Anyway...before the rose hips go to Bob, I decided to use them in a windowsill arrangement. So simple, so pretty!

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