Wednesday, December 11, 2013

how things happen

Sometimes, the joy of creating a windowsill arrangement evolves from the circumstances surrounding its creation. Or (to be more precise) the fun is in the doing. That was definitely the case today, when I spent most of the day with my photography mentor Robert Llewellyn and his assistant Miranda Karpoe, and we, together, had a ball creating the photo below.

 This is the seed structure of a purple coneflower, and I love it in this simple little bottle, positioned on a windowsill in Bob's Earlysville home. Imagine, too, that in order to see this, you had to subtract it from the enormous array of gorgeous seed pods in Bob's studio (first photo below) and that Miranda had to lend her hand to photographing and lighting the process (second photo below). Suffice it to say that we all thought this gorgeous seed pod, so often overlooked, was worth the effort.


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