Saturday, October 25, 2014

marigolds in candy corn vase

Linda Armstrong gave me this wonderful vase. There's a small, water-holding chamber in each section, and into each chamber I've dropped tiny marigolds, a little scented geranium foliage, and some yellowing peony foliage. So Halloween-esque!


  1. I have been experimenting with "window art" for a few weeks. My husband and I get a kick out of it. We have some blowsy roses in a 5 finger vase right now, kinda over the top, but I found some pretty grass last week and it's in a pottery vase. My best find so far is from the ditch across the road, some stiff stalks with tiny white flowers; no idea what they were. Thank you for your beautiful blog. Susan White in Bowling Green

  2. So glad to hear about this, Susan. The "stiff stalks with tiny white flowers" are probably fall asters--sometimes called Farewell Summer. Such a poetic name!