Thursday, October 9, 2014

straight and crooked

This is so far outside my ability to photograph it I shouldn't even try, but the subjects really interested me, so...,here you go. The plant material in the bottle is seed structures of fall anemone. Someone I talked to on Tuesday, Debra Prinzing, confirmed my perception that these seed structures are easier to arrange with than fall anemone flowers themselves. This has something to do with the nice, straight postures of the seed structures vs. the flowers. I love it when someone confirms what I already knew, but didn't know I knew! Anyway, these seed structures looked perfectly beautiful in a bottle I'd been saving because I loved its contents--Elderberry lemonade. That lemonade (which must exist in exclusive grocery stores somewhere but not in mine) was absolutely delicious, and I saved the bottle in hopes that the bottle would  remind me to buy it if I ever encountered it again. So far, no luck on that, but it's a beautiful bottle, and its label is attached at a really interesting angle. Straight seed structures vs. angled  bottle label. It would take a photographer much better than me to capture what's going on here!

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