Thursday, February 16, 2012

February 16, 2012 --nest and honeysuckle

"That's pretty" John said when he walked into the kitchen and saw this nest + honeysuckle + quince and Lenten rose on the windowsill. John doesn't gush or compliment much, so it warmed my heart to have him enjoy the arrangement. Especially because I'd been struggling with it. And because this is a real ARRANGEMENT. (It's way too complicated and took too much time to qualify as a windowsill arrangement. It started off with a simple idea: combine honeysuckle vine from Feb.8 with nest I found when pruning roses yesterday, but... yikes! Nothing seemed to want to stay where I wanted it and by the time I'd finished this I had an incredible mess in the sink, as well as an ARRANGEMENT that had required floral foam. And, as if to prove that difficulty attracts difficulty, I couldn't photograph this well because the Moiree effect was kicking in (that's the photographic phenomenon that makes a window screen go wavy.) Good grief! Here's the best I could do to photograph the entire ARRANGEMENT,

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