Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February 21, 2012 -- shuffle

I just shuffled some things around on the windowsill this afternoon--moved all my blanched collard leaves into a single bowl, moved some hellebore flowers from a pitcher into a clay cup, and added some sensitive fern pinnacles (the brown reproductive structures) to a bottle of Lenten roses. Gave everything some fresh water (and gave some stems a fresh cut to perk them up), but I haven't fiddled with the green stinking hellebore flowers in the tall yellow pitcher, and they are sagging (which is unusual because they usually last a really long time).

Here are the stacked bowls with blanched collard leaves in them.

And here's the clay cup with some stinking hellebore flowers in it. I noticed these cups on the pantry shelf this weekend and realized I never used them. Might as well turn them into vases.

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