Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20, 2012 -- daffodils and snow!

Daffodils inside, snow outside! Too wonderful (although hard to photograph). I picked the daffodils yesterday before it snowed and put them in the windowsill with (left to right), a vase of scented geranium leaves; a tall yellow pitcher containing green hellebore flowers, a stalk of mahonia flowers (with leaves removed), and some February Gold daffodils; a small orange pitcher with green hellebore flowers stuffed in the snout; a red vase with some green-striped chopsticks standing up in it; and a little bowl with two big yellow daffodil flowers supported on two parallel chopsticks.

This morning it was just wild walking on a snowy path and listening to spring peepers singing in the ditches at the same time. That (and daffodils blooming in the snow) is February.

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