Sunday, February 26, 2012

February 26, 2012 -- scrambled eggs

As always, it's the way this "arrangement" came to be that interests me most. I had picked a few old, scrambled eggs daffodils (the raggedy, torn looking-ones) in anticipation of maybe using one with yesterday's fairy house. That didn't work, so, because I had detached the flower from it's stem, I dropped it into a nearby wineglass filled with water. That I liked enough to move to the windowsill, because the floating scrambled-egg daffodil looked almost like a waterlily. Today, I repeated that in two more windglasses. This would be much more effective with bigger scrambled-egg daffodils (mine are ancient and small), and the overall idea (floating single blossoms in wineglasses) would work with lots of things. Warning: daffodils are poisonous, so washing the glasses well after using them as vases is probably important.

Same "arrangments" from above and up close.

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