Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 19, 2012 -- adding basil, dill

I made pesto today, stuffed the leftover basil into the jar on the left, and added it to materials already sitting on the windowsill. I'm still loving these greens and blacks.

What I'm not loving is the weather. Perspiration dripping onto keyboard as I type from just the few jaunts I've taken outside this afternoon. Mostly I did things inside, one of which was to harvest seeds from some dill umbels I had cut. One was sitting in a paper bag upside down when I realized how beautiful it was--just a great big candelabra of seeds. I put it in a bottle, without water, and there it could sit forever, because it has dried with seeds attached.


  1. It looks lovely. It really is handy to have herbs in our home. Readily accessible when you need it to be use in some of your recipes.