Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July18, 2012 -- playing with black and yellow-green

This actually started with I dropped  dill flowers into a green vase (below).

It seemed to need a pop, so I went outside looking for an orange pepper. Found no ripe orange pepper, but I did find black peppers, some yellow-green kerria leaves,  a yellow-green hosta leaf, and a pretty trumpet-vine leaf, all of which I dropped into my coffee mug. They looked so pretty together in my mug that I dedided to move the dill flowers to the mug rather than the leaves and peppers to the green vase (resulting in what you see in first photo).  I really like all these greens and blacks together, so I continued playing by pulling the materials apart again and dropping them into different vases. The only new material in the array below is a stalk of hosta flowers in the black vase and a jigger of basil leaves leftover from another day's windowsill arrangment.

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