Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 12, 2012 -- peachy zinnias, blue bottles, cooler, etc.

What I love about this array is the way it evolved. I picked some of these peachy-colored zinnias just to keep them blooming and dropped them into a pitcher of water, which I left on the porch of the cabin (second photo). Later, as I was coming back to the cabin from another gardening session, I saw the zinnias sitting on my blue cooler on the porch and noted how pretty those colors looked together. Carried the zinnias back to Ashland with me, where I decided to display them in blue bottles (like the blue of the cooler).

Included with zinnias in the blue bottles are some trumpet vine foliage and (in first bottle on left) one tiny sprig of astilbe (the seed structure). It came into the house wrapped in a grapevine, which I'd thought about including in these bottles, but discarded. For some reason, that one little sprig of astilbe, which I hadn't meant to pick, finishes this off just right for me.  


  1. Love the blue bottles(especially with the peach zinnias). I used to have 3 small blue bottles that I bought at the Flower Camp store until my Dear Daughter 'borrowed' them. Smile. She uses them well and for that I am happy.

  2. I collect cobalt blue containers, them, love your sills. It takes me having a lazy day off to catch up on all your inspire me.