Friday, August 31, 2012

August 31, 2012 -- hosta flowers, etc.

Too bad this doesn't show up very well, because it's really quite pretty, and I love the way it evolved. I wouldn't have even seen these blue/lavender hosta flowers if I hadn't been outside watering this afternoon. There's also a piece of greenery from Farewell Summer, an aster that hasn't bloomed yet, in this arrangment, and I wouldn't have noticed it in my own yard if my daughter hadn't asked me to identify it recently in hers. And the drooping green amaranth I'd have never thought about including if I hadn't been at my son's house this afternoon and seen the way my brilliant granchildren had draped the red version of this plant (love-lies-bleeding) over a fence. Then there's the puny yellowish eggplant I tucked in at the last minute  just because I had it in a nearby bucket. An arrangement like this really is like a diary--a record of an entire day.

Oh, and there's a little piece of yellowish Japanese Solomon's seal foliage in this, too. I noticed  it on my way back from picking the hosta flowers.

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