Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tilt-A-Whorl (with zinnia, dill, onion)

It's been a while since I had as much fun with an arrangement as I had with this one. It started with a really wacky looking dill flower head. Actually all the flowers and seeds had fallen off, and all that was left was the whorl of wiry stems that had held the seeds. They were wonderfully, strangely twisted, so I decided to display them in a modern green vase. But they lost some of their charm when held upright so I started thinking about a way to tilt the vase. Started trolling around the house for an appropriate wedge and found an onion stem (with some of its dried leaves still on) that worked.  At that point the arrangement looked like what's below.

I liked this, but couldn't leave well enough alone when I remembered there was one zinnia in a batch of them I'd picked yesterday that I had really liked. It's sort of an odd orange and has jagged petals (a cactus-flowered zinnia, I guess). Added it to the arrangement, and now it is REALLY jazzy. Love the way the zinnia looks with the whorl of dill, and the onion leaves peeking out from under the vase are fun, too. 

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