Wednesday, August 28, 2013

marigolds & sunflower, squared

The way this came about is pretty interesting, because this certainly isn't an arrangement I woke up in the morning imagining! Here's the story: day before yesterday I was cutting back large yellow marigolds to keep them from getting top heavy, and, in order to keep them blooming, I was snipping off any bloom that was waning. I had so many of them I started tossing them over the fence onto the grass where they looked really pretty! I wanted to gather them up to make leis or pull them apart and use their petals to line a midnight walk, which is what I would have done if I'd had some Flower Campers around! But I didn't. So I just gathered up some of the marigold blossoms and started casting about for something easier to do with them. Best option seemed to be to pave the interior of one of these boxes with them. (Flower Campers will recognize these as the Buckingham boxes we used to used to fill with plant material at Flower Camp). At first the flowers completely filled the box, but as the day wore on, they began to sag, leaving the black void at the top, which I like. Then, late yesterday afternoon, I noticed a mammoth sunflower about to topple over in the vegetable garden. Its flower was round...and about the size of a Buckingham box.. and it seemed to be and the perfect conpanion for my square of marigolds!

All the sunflower petals fell off as soon as this sunflower head hit (left) hit the ground, and I knocked off the other flower parts sitting on the immature seeds.  

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