Tuesday, February 11, 2014

dollar for a daffodil

Most years, I have daffodils blooming in the yard by this time in February, but not this year. Not even close. I've been starved for that cheery yellow, so yesterday, when I had a gift to shop for, I wanted to find some potted daffodils just so I could enjoy them until I gave them away. That turned out to be a harder mission than I had imagined. The only ones I could find were nearly spent, with only one or two blooms still looking happy, or all in the bud stage. I bought a pot of daffodils in the bud stage then talked the salesperson into selling me a single bloom from one of the "over the hill pots for $1. I put that stem in a floral tube and nested  it in the dirt with the budding daffodils. And you can't really tell its a cut stem among the growing ones. I also nested the plastic pot in a clay pot, camouflaged the foil wrap with some green tissue paper, and added some pretty green ribbon to the not-so-pretty yellow bow that came with the pot. Voila! A daffodil pot makeover. 

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