Monday, April 7, 2014

bird's nest (made by a human being)

I didn't take a vacation from windowsill arranging while at Flower Camp this weekend, but I did take a vacation from posting them. Too much going on to get the posts out. Anyway, here is my attempt to make a bird's nest on Saturday. Based on instructions in Tinker (a novel), buy Paul Harding, there are steps one might want to follow if, as a human being, one wanted to attempt to do what a bird does as it makes its nest. One isn't allowed, for example to stockpile building materials! You've got to use what you find when you find it.  I discovered almost immediately that 1) making a bird's nest is harder than it looks and 2) there is more stiff plant material than there is pliable material in the landscape in early April. My untidy attempt to pull moss and some old grasses into a nest-like configuration was so unsuccessful, I had to add a violet just to make it more appealing to me. Call me a bower bird!

 P.S. Wild violets blooming on April 5.

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