Sunday, April 13, 2014

true blue

Forgive the bad photo, but I'm in no shape to do better. Spring fever, I guess. I almost cried today over two things. #1: Virginia bluebells blooming exactly where I expected them to be along the road I travel from Buckingham to Ashland. As John and I rounded a curve, I predicted there would be Virginia bluebells blooming in the swale in front of an abandoned house. And there they were. This made me want to cry not because I was such a fortune teller, but because I was afraid no one else was seeing them. And #2, back in Ashland, I went to pick some equally blue flowers (Ipheon, aka spring starflower), and even now I am smelling their sort of garlicky fragrance on my fingers. Why in the world do these two wonderful things make me want to cry? I have no idea, except that  I wished I had the ability to make everyone enjoy them as much as I do. True blue flowers are such a rarity in nature, and because both flowers are so ephrmeral (disappearing as the trees above them leaf-out), it makes them all the more amazing,

These are spring starflowers. 

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