Tuesday, April 22, 2014

little yellow vase

I'm really exhausted tonight, but this little vase sort of revived me. I bought it in Charleston then figured out where it came from so my daughter Kate could offer it on her website (The Arranger's Market). It had been out of my possession because Kate had to photograph it, but today it was back and proved to be just the cheery, easy vase I wanted to arrange in. I'm pretty sure these daffodils are, strangely enough, called 'Geranium' and they look pretty wherever they are, but they are especially cheery in this vase. The added leaves are from scented geraniums. So confusing, name-wise!

P.S. The vase is a much more vibrant yellow than it appears here. I'll try using it again in the morning when the light (and color) might be better. 

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