Wednesday, June 18, 2014

elderberry--in and out of the frying pan!

Had the most fabulous breakfast today at Flower Camp, where Gisela Carson fixed elderberry fritters for breakfast. Elderberry is blooming all over Virginia right now, and they are almost always blooming at Flower Camp when the Women's Batteau Guild rolls through (and brings us Gisela, who has made these fritters when the crew has stayed with us before). Here's what an elderberry flower looks llike (and this will have to serve as my windowsill arrangement today):

Here are the flowers as Gisela was dipping them into batter, then how they looked in the frying pan, then draining on paper towels, where they got a dash of cinnamon sugar. Wish I'd taken a picture of them on the serving platter. Gorgeous and delicious!

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