Wednesday, June 11, 2014

half a beet (with amsonia and sweet peas)

This is why I love windowsill arranging. In the photo I posted yesterday, the half-beet I used in a windowsill arrangement looked pretty bedraggled.  But here's what happened today: I went outside after a thunderstorm to see what grabbed my attention and it was a sagging sweet pea vine blooming under some sagging amsonia foliage. I cut a stem of each, and as I was bringing them in the house, I thought, "I wish I had a blue green vase to put these in." I knew I didn't have a blue-green vase and was adjusting to that reality--this is NOT a huge problem!-- when I realized I had saved a broken Coke bottle that was the perfect color. (This was a bottle Mary Garner-Mitchell excavated from the 50?-year-old Flower Camp trash pile in the woods.) It would hold water up to about an inch, but I needed something to secure my stems at that height, because the side of the bottle was broken. Solution: jamming half a beet (which I happened to have; see yesterday's arrangement) into the void! Forgive me for also saying that the other half of the beet is now part of me (see yesterday's salad!).  

Here's the rest of the arrangement. 

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