Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 24, 2012 -- evolution

I like the way this little arrangement evolved. I had removed some dead Christmas greens from the front door and left them on the back porch, where I figured some of the material might dry. The nandina berries (some red, some yellow) dried to particularly interesting colors, and this morning it was the yellow ones (now sort of a browny mustard) that caught my attention. I pulled them together into a little bouquet in my hand, then started looking for some yellow-green leaves to go with them. Some chloritic aucuba leaves seemed right, as did the dry, straw-colored foliage of Japanese Hanoki grass. Dropped all this into a little ceramic vase that looks like a sack. The colors really appeal to me, and it's so much fun to be mixing dead and living material in January!

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