Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 11, 2013 -- papayas, astilbe added

This is yesterday's arrangement with a couple of additions. The papayas wound up in the windowsill because, in a reversal of the way things usually work, they were too ripe when I bought them. I have a recipe for green papaya cole slaw that requires really green papayas, which I thought these (and others I'd bought) were until I started trying to grate them. They were too ripe, so now I'll just let them ripen completely (and look pretty in the windowsill as they do). To the right of the bottles of butterfly weed is a collection of astilbe leaves. I pulled them off the lower portion of some longer astilbe stems I was using in a much larger arrangement. Love their shape and color--especially with the greenish papayas and butterfly weed!

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