Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 5, 2013 -- commemorative branch

I groaned--seriously groaned--when I inadvertently snapped this sweet bay magnolia twig off today. I was pulling bindweed out of a border, and one vine was twisted around the top of a happy, young sweet bay magnolia. I pulled too hard, and the soft new growth in the top of the tree snapped off. I was sick. The tree was doing so well, and I shouldn't have been so heedless as to pull too hard on the bindweed! The tree won't die, but it has lost its leader and will never be the tree it would have been if I hadn't snapped it off. Groan.

In the vase with the sweet bay twig is a stem of borage (leftover from snapdragon lineup of a few days ago) and, alas, some of the bindweed still clinging to the twig.

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