Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 14, 2012 -- black vase with daffodils

This is the vase I bought at the Phillips Gallery ($19.95) that was in yesterday's corrugated box. I'd been wishing for a small black vase, and now I have one. And I LOVE this particular daffodil in it. Don't remember its name, but its highly fragrant and has lots of tiny flowers on each stem. With it in the vase are some leaves from winter aconite (they look like miniature palm trees), a piece of Pieris japonica (the weeping seed structures and leaves to the right), and some hairy bittercress leaves and flowers (a weed whose stems are lengthening in the garden even as I write this).

P.S. This is all on a little brownish-black tile I bought at Lowes.

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