Friday, March 16, 2012

March 16, 2012 -- first tulip

Arrived at Flower Camp (after trip to Tennessee) to find many, many daffodils blooming and this one tulip. This is really early for a tulip to be blooming, but it has been unusually hot. The other unusual thing about this particular tulip is that it was blooming in the vegetable garden! I think I tucked it there because I'd planted the rest of the bag of bulbs, found this one leftover, and just planted it in the nearest available, yielding soil. Anyway, it was fun to find it blooming today, and I like it alone in this little bottle.

'Voilet Wonder' is the name of this tiny tulip with pinkish-lavender petals and a yellow eye. It's just beatutiful with equally diminutive 'Hawera' daffodils (which are a clear, pale yellow).

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