Friday, March 23, 2012

March 23, 2012 -- camellias and Pieris japonica

I played with camellias and Pieris japonica for a while this afternoon. First, I put them in a hibuscus holder, which allowed them to lie horizontally.

Then I put some Pieris japonica in my black vase and let a camellia rest at the base of it.

Then I went crazy. I kept thinking about all the camellia blossoms on the ground outside where they were just wasting away in the heat. I started stacking them around the base of my vase, which resulted in a big mess, but here it is. I want to figure out a more pleasing way to do this, because those blossoms really should be picked up and put in the windowsill, where, even out of water, they'll last longer than they would outside on an 85 degree day.

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