Friday, March 30, 2012

March 30, 2012 -- saucer magnolia, etc.

This started with a saucer magnolia flower. As I was picking it, I noticed how pretty the contorted mulberry foliage was nearby (bright green, and with even brighter green catkins emerging from the twigs). So I picked some of that, and some nearby Deodar cedar foliage, too. Then, I realized a couple of maroon heuchera leaves would be great with this flower, too, because it's throat is deep maroon. I love the way all this works together, because the foliage sort of reinforces the subtle colors in the flower. Reminds me of something Sydney Eddison once said--that you can take your cue to landscape color combinations from flowers themselves: "if it works in a flower it will work in the landscape." That's true of flower arrangements, too. See all the green and maroon in this basically pink flower? (The purple behind the petals is the heuchera leaf.)

P.S. I used leftovers from the bigger arrangement for the smaller satellite arrangement.

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