Saturday, June 16, 2012

June 16, 2012 -- fragrance of yarrow

 I've already satisfied my personal commitment to doing a windowsill arrangement every day for a year, and I could easily stop. It's just so hard to get an Internet connection at Flower Camp (which makes stopping seem attractive)! But today, here we have: iris leaves I weeded out by accident, some black-eyed Susans I love, and some white yarrow I picked because it needed picking (the flower heads were falling over). Doing this "arrangement" required me to have yarrow in my hands long enough for that pungent fragrance to embed itself in my skin. Therefore: I'm still getting something important from doing a windowsill arrangement every day.

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  1. Don't stop, I beg you...well, would you believe strongly suggest you don't stop? I love your pics and prose.