Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 24, 2012 -- butter n'eggs

This post is for Kim Cannon, from Australia, who spent the year 1989 with our family as an exchange student. Never was there a better exchange student/host family fit. Kim's father was a biologist, which may explain why, as a teenager, Kim was willing to spend a day with me at Flower Camp (then Higher Ground) messing around with plants. She and I moved several clumps of this beautiful little wildflower, Butter n' Eggs, to 6 different places on the property. At the time, I thought our chances of any of them succeeeding were pretty low.  Truth be told, the chances of anything succeeding at Flower Camp, given the soil, the exposure, the critters, the neglect, are pretty low. But here we are 23 years later and today I could have harvested these diminutive wildflowers from any one of three places. Three out of six:  not bad, Kim! 

There are some river oats in this bottle, too. And here's a closeup of Butter n'Eggs.

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