Monday, December 19, 2011

Dates off--oh, dear! Dec. 19 + pomegranate

Well, this is my REAL post for Dec. 19. It seems my date was wrong yesterday (which proves how unnecessary the numbers are). Today, Monday, I visited Libbey Oliver, who had this array in her Williamsburg windowsill.

Libbey's windowsill made you want to eat it, but on her kitchen counter was something even more enviably edible--a pomegranate!

And this wasn't a pomegranate from the grocery store; it was a pomegranate from Libbey's garden. How did she grow it? It sprouted as a seedling from her compost heap. How did she know it was a pomegranate seedling? "I don't know; I just knew it." Below is photo of pomegranate tree/shrub in Libbey's Williamsburg, Virginia garden.

Oh, my! Williamsburg isn't Richmond (much less Howardsville), but the thought of growing pomegranates is pretty alluring. The little ornamental ones (like the ones on a shrub I found in front of the Virginia Historical Society), no problem. But REAL, BIG, EDIBILE  pomegranates? Be still my heart! Libbey gave me a seedling (offspring of the pomegranate she found in her compost heap), and Santa will have to work really hard to give me a gift I appreciate more.

Below is photo of yummy nibble Libbey created with seeds from her pomegranates: pomegranate seeds on liquer-enhanced cream cheese inside kumkuats. Hard to believe something this scrumptious (and locally grown) is legal.

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