Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December 20, 2011--ball of twine

This "vase" isn't exactly a ball of twine; it's a ball of something that seems to be a cross between thread and twine. I found it while rummaging around in some of my mother's old sewing materials. So many odd things shuffle to the surface at Christmas! I have a fantasy that this ball of "twine" is really old and may have been handed down to my mother from the real seamstress in our family, my great Aunt Bessie. Anyway, I have no idea why I've held onto it all these years, but I have, and this Christmas it seemed like a treasure, so I used it as a vase. I dropped a little floral tube into the hole in the middle and filled the hole with mint leaves and a cluster of pyracantha berries. I was headed across the yard in pursuit of holly leaves I spotted the mint--so amazingly green for this time of year, Spring green, really.

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