Sunday, December 18, 2011

December 19, 2011--another ribbon spool

No wonder I am sometimes overwhelmed by the holidays: I can't even throw a ribbon spool away. See Dec. 6 for my first use of a ribbon spool as a vase. Today, it was the red label on the spool that appealed to me. This should have been easy: I decided to just wrap a grapevine around the spool to make it appropriate for my windowsill, but grapevine proved too brittle. Instead, I had to search for some Japanese honeysuckle, but the search, as always, proved worthwhile. It reminded me how many green leaves hang onto Japanese honeysuckle through  the winter. No wonder it grows to fast; it's nearly evergreen.

OK, the bar code is a little distracting. Just think of it as a graphic element in the design.

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