Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December 14, 2011---this hat is not yellow

Yesterday, as I was walking, I collected gumballs in my hand. It was a day for doing that, because many gumballs seem to have released their latches and fallen to the ground. Then I realized I had too many gumballs to carry in my hand, so I took off my hat and put them in my hat. This morning they were still stashed in my hat, and tonight, when I felt too tired to do a windowsill arrangement, they were still sitting in my hat, so I just moved my hat to the windowsill. These "gumballs in hat' represent as good a time marker/recorder-of-things-going-on-outside as any arrangement I could have done. Only problem was that I couldn't get color right (my hat is off white--not yellow), but you get the picture.

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