Saturday, August 13, 2011

August 13, 2011--one thing leads to another

Today I took the blackberry lily stem I didn't quite know what to do with yesterday and used it as start of a new arrangement. Cut it into four sections, including one that was just a stem holding seed pods (they look like little green punching bags). To this, I added the thing that most interested me in the garden today--a stem of variegated daisy wingstem I came across while weeding. Daisy wingstem is a wildflower that I pull out like a weed (it gets 5 feet tall and will grow most anywhere), but this one with the variegated foliage is a plant I'd like to encourage, because I'll love using its foliage in arrangements. This was a fun little arrangement to pull together but not at all what I'd expected to do today. I was planning to do something lavish, with lots of flowers, but a thunderstorm drove me inside before I had time to pick and I clipped just the one stem of daisy wingstem foliage and a few black-eyed Susans. I decided not to use the black-eyed Susans, because I liked the "all green-ness" of this. Looks like outdoors right now: all lush shades of green.

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